Fate/stay night #06

I’ve watched Fate/stay night a couple of days ago and I can say I am quite enjoying this series. The development of the plot is going a little slow so I expect this anime to be 26 episodes long. My only disappointment is that despite Saber is one of the main characters, she hardly gets to do anything at all.But let’s look in detail of what happens in this episode.


First we see Shiro in trouble (though the small comical elements from the past episode are luckily gone) and then when he intentionally puts himself into trouble by trying to look for the person who tried to kill Rin (and hit his arm instead).


Of course the troublemaker is a Servant (Rider to be precise) and of course she tries to kill the incredibly stupid main character. He manages to survive somehow and gets home safely thanks to the help of Rin. The episode closes with a confrontation (a verbal one) between him and Archer.

Overall, I liked the episode. I hope I can see more soon.

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