Valor Coronet! Relic armor 1/5

Earlier today I logged into FFXI to do my usual Tuesday Dynamis run with the United Dynamis linkshell. I was actually quite eager to do the run, since I missed two in a row because of lack of access to the specific areas. I was also hoping to see some relic armor drop at last. While many players want certain “endgame” items, I’m focused on the Paladin relic armor and weapons.The run started at 19.45, when people started to gather in Bastok Mines. I don’t know how much later we started but it wasn’t that much with regards to the specified time. Things went smoothly immediately, as we started taking down Effigies and Vanguards without problems, and with very little deaths.

img_0048A pause after a battle

At first nothing dropped but currency (which only goes to the sponsors). Then some relic armor started to drop: some for Monks, Summoners, Dark Knights. Then a single valor coronet (Paladin relic armor, for the head) dropped. There were two Paladins there (me included) so we just cast lots. I won the lot by just 30 (189 vs 219) and finally I got one of my “endgame” items! Now I need four more pieces to make it complete.

Of course Dynamis didn’t stop with that item. We went further and we even managed to get to the so called “Mega Boss” and defeat it. Not bad, considering that we were just 25 people (considered sub-optimal for Dynamis). I didn’t die a single time, which is good considering the loss in experience points (since I usually don’t do parties to get them back).

After interlopingValor coronet


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