Random entry

I haven’t blogged in a while, mostly because I’m either doing something else, or when I want to, I find out I’m really tired (this and the past week have been very tiring for me). In any case, I’ll make a big, random entry.

I’ll start saying that I’m amazed at how badly software can be written. In the life sciences field you see very clear examples. Horrible UIs and poor documentation mostly (while the algorithms and methods implemented are usually very solid). Our friends at Affymetrix have shown me again something like that. I was trying to combine the data from two different SNP arrays (since they complement each other) and the documentation was pointing in the exactly opposite direction of what I needed to do. Shame, that costed me an hour of tries.

I’ll be departing for Bertinoro this Saturday, but I’ll be probably able to post things here, since I’ll have a wireless connection.

On the Final Fantasy XI front, I managed to coordinate 18  people and we took Bahamut down. Now all that’s left is the final mission, “The Last Verse”, then I can wait for Treasures of Aht Urghan to come out.

On a finishing note, I finished Grandia III a while ago. Good game system, but the difficulty is extremely unbalanced, and the story is down right awful.

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