Windows and Missions

Finally, we have windows in the office. Before that it was just a room with walls, and it looked a little claustrophobic. It took a good deal of time (4 months) to get these works done, but I think the result is worth it. At least the whole room looks a little more human, now.

I will be spending tomorrow’s work day analyzing data with an extremely bad piece of software, at least design-wise (the algorithm used inside it’s very solid, instead). It means that I’ll have to move around tons and tons of text files, take images and then compile spreadsheets (I wonder why all the reports in our laboratory are Excel-based… I’d much prefer tab delimited formats).

On the Final Fantasy XI front, finally I managed to get Sechs past ZM16. This means we can start the quests that will lead us to the final (for now) battle in the Empyreal Paradox. Finally, it’s the time!


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