Continuous analysis

This week has been quite busy at work. As I finally got the two lists of differentially expressed genes that I needed, I started my analysis work. Perhaps analysis is not quite appropriate, as what I to is mostly to annotate the genes (i.e. I try to find out everything about them, or certain features I need) and to see if the lists are “enriched” by a particular feature. From this I try to see if what I see has a biological relevance, or not. In practical terms this means I use a lot of web-based tools and some basic statstics to evaluate my work. A typical session on my computer is shown by this image.


I’ve been doing a lot of this, and also graphing my results (not without some difficulties, as Excel sucks and R is not really suited to do what I need to do - anyone knows of a good Linux-based program for histograms and other plots?). More to come next week, where things will probably get more hectic as we’re aiming to have a publication ready for submission by the end of June.

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