dist-upgrade fun, DNS, drama

Yesterday I updated my laptop to Kubuntu Dapper RC. Overall the (long) process was quite smooth save a couple of problems (the use of NetworkManager for exaple, that caused me headaches to make wireless work) including the fact that the ATI drivers were looking in the wrong location (/usr/X11/lib/modules/dri instead of /usr/lib/dri) so 3D acceleration wasn’t working.

It seems smooth so far, though I think the idea of NetworkManager needs polishing, as some services that are started before it connects will fail (such as autofs).

I also moved my blog to a new hosting yesterday (I didn’t like the old one’s Terms of Service). However my ISP is terribly slow in updating the DNS records: actually the secondary server obtained the update, but not the primary… since the installation was broken after the move to this server, I had to fumble around so I could fix it. I really like the new hosting so far, I’m also liking the fact that I can log in via SSH and use a shell - it simplifies a lot of maintenance operations.

To end this entry, in Heaven’s Inferno there is a huge debate over the readmission of a player. This person was rather rude, often played drunk and said bad thing to others because of that, and in general caused a lot of unnecessary grief. The readmission wasn’t publicly discussed so basically the linkshell is torn in two. So far most of the council wants to kick him out. His supporters are threatening to leave, but well, I do not care. I risk losing loyal members because of this person. I wouldn’t care even if 75% of the linkshell broke up… I did already my fair share of fixing.

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