Security breach

Today I found out that a computer running Windows had been “self-writing” words when an Internet Explorer window was open. This obviously led to the conclusion that there was some kind of malware running. I immediately unplugged the network cable but the typing continued - this is a good sign meaning that it was just some random program doing it. It only affected IE, no other programs. I wonder how it got there, I can only suspect the current user, as I never do any network-based activity there, only analysis (and I run a much safer Linux box - no Windows for me).

Tomorrow I’ll have to clean it, as the antivirus obviously ignores it. Luckily I got some of the excellent tools provided from Mark Russinovich’s site so I already killed the suspected processes (a remote control application and what seems to be a worm).

On other news, the brightness on this monitor was really getting to me, but even when set at minimum it was still too high. Luckily NVIDIA provides an utility called nvidia-settings to handle color regulation and such. I compiled it from source (because the one bundled in Dapper wanted to uninstall nvidia-glx for some odd reason) and now I just put a small bash script running it in ~./kde/Autostart. I also need to put some more eye candy on the desktop but that will come later.