Ubuntu games

I’ve been playing a bit with Ubuntu on two computers. On the laptop, I have managed to make the email led blink when I get new mail (thanks to a tip I found online involving the use of the acerhk driver). I still need to find a way to turn it off (actually I can turn it off, just not automatically after I finish reading my mails).

On the desktop i installed the beta of Kubuntu and I’ve been using it for a while. It’s quite stable, despite the occasional breakage here and there, though the real testing will be when I’ll install it on the laptop (but I’m waiting on the official stable release for that). A lot of hype is being put on Ubiquity, the new installer from liveCD. However I’d have preferred more work also on the install CD, since I prefer always to install from scratch (and to keep /home on a separate partition, this is something that in my opinon should be asked by default).

Here is a snapshot of my current desktop there:


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