Over the course of three days, Heaven’s Inferno has imploded. This all started between disagreements in the leading council, mostly due to immobilism on one of the parts, Grummish. This person had a good and noble attitude towards helping and people behavior, but sadly “real game” scenario proved to be rather different. People that are 30+ act like children, even, which is rather saddening.

Anyway, in the end the same person made a long rant after Dynamis-Beaucedine (I wasn’t there, as it was during night time), that caused, like with my previous linkshell Inferno, a huge hemorrage of members. When one of the leaders acts like leaving, most of the members move like sheep. Flames also erupted in the forums. There was still a certain number of people inside, however one of the former sack holders went in and started mass kicking them out - probably to have them leave regardless if they wanted it or not.

As it stands now, there are just 3 people or less in Heaven’s Inferno. All of this was caused by the so called endgame that made people behave quite bad, a combination of arrogance, greed, childishness and plain old stupidity. I’ll be shutting down the site next week: funny how people said that I wasn’t doing anything while I paid the bills and spent the time to make it running…

In the end I care little. I saved this linkshell from breaking three times since Inferno, there won’t be a fourth. I have another pearl for a social linkshell, where hopefully this stupid issues will arise less, if they ever will.


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