Image editing

I like to tinker with images. I’ve been doing this since I first started doing amateur web design, back in 1996. At first it was to create images for my own web pages (Sailormoon, ADG) but nowadays it’s like a hobby I do when I have free time. It can be fun.

And now I present the latest adjustment I made, extracting one of the characters of Magical Canan (character designer Poyoyon Rock; the series sucks, but the art doesn’t):


The original image had another girl and the annoying cute sidekick over the girl’s right leg. You can use this image in any way you want, and if you request it in comment I can give you the full resolution PNG (around 6Mb) or the PSD file (30 Mb).

I know there may be a lot of problems with my work, since I’m self taught and I don’t practice this often (it’s time consuming). However, this is not Minitokyo, where people are flamed if they don’t post grade A pictures: it’s merely my own page. As such, please bear with the (many) errors.

Also, I’ve found another edit I did back in the days and I uploaded it too, this time it’s Luna from Chojuushin Gravion:


It’s a transparent PNG, so it doesn’t display properly in Internet Explorer: though luck folks, go to Microsoft and complain about releasing a standards-compliant browser.

I’ll be probably posting more images in the near future.

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