Additions and changes

I’ve been writing a lot in the past weekend. The fact that I have some definitive art gave me the impulse after many months of inactivity. Being totally dissatisfied with the state of chapter 4 (the latest I’m writing), I completely reorganized it, moving one section to the top and rearranging the behavior of some characters (like Satsuki, who was a little too hysterical) and cut off part of a flashback. And finally I’m getting to one of the most action-packed parts of the novel.
The snapshot on the links page is terribly outdated, I’m afraid. I’m waiting for the rest of the art from Too to put it up, but if I don’t get any by next week I’ll put it up anyway, so that the (few) people that read this page will be able to appreciate the changes.

I’ve been thinking of making a web page about S.T.E.A.L. to promote the project better. The downside is that I can’t put images of the characters or the like around, because of course they exist only through Too’s art and my description. If anyone comes up with a good design suggesions, please say it in a comment.

Dialogue & Discussion