I'm back

I’m finally back from holidays and since there’s almost no one in the office here I thought I’d write a little mixed entry, while quant is busy compiling a patched 2.6.17 kernel (but quant as an odd overheating problem that I will describe in another entry, so I have to compile it by steps).
Work is somewhat slow,  as the people I need to contact are still on holiday. In the mean time, I’m reading an interesting paper on some GPLed software for Single Nucleotide Polymorphism analysis, written in Perl and R. I have some test data so I’ll soon give it a try (after reading the paper, published in BMC Bioinformatics earlier this year). It may be what I need to perform some comparison analysis between different kinds of tumor samples.

On a different matter, the summer has been quite productive for S.T.E.A.L., as I’ve been writing quite a lot, and I set an internal deadline for completion (31st October), while text revision will take me more time before putting up the finished work. I’ll be uploading a new snapshot soon.
I also have some photos from my week-long cultural trip in Toscana and Umbria, I’ll put them online as soon as I scan them (I had to use a single-use camera).


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