Kile 1.9.2 for Dapper

I learnt recently that the Kile LaTeX environment had a new release (1.9.2) on 26th August. It is mainly a bugfix release. However no packages for Ubuntu and Kubuntu exist yet, so I decided to fill the gap by building one, as I also use Kile for S.T.E.A.L.. It is based on the packages made by Harald Sitter and Marcus Czeslinski, whom should take most of the credit, as I merely recompiled the already debianized source with the new version.
The package is available on here (if the link is no longer working, leave a comment and I’ll host it elsewhere), along with the languages package. It has been signed with my own GPG key, which is also available on the keyserver (key ID EC445369).

I built the package for myself. It should also work for you, but I am not to be held responsible if it causes some breakage. Use it at your own risk.

UPDATE: If you have trouble installing those packages, make sure you have the latest version of KDE as installed from’s repositories.

A list of changes, taken from the original version announcement on Kile’s web page, is available below:

version 1.9.1 -> 1.9.2

  • Add autoref command to standard reference commands (#130037)

  • Remember the setting of MakeIndexOptions checkbox in the project settings
    dialog. (debian #337550)

  • Added utf-8 and other encodings to the quickdocument dialog. (#131402)

  • Make the “New Tool” dialog box big enough. (#132425)

  • Check if masterdocs in kilepr files exist, should fix some problems with upgrades from kile 1.8.

  • Searching for environments in Edit functions improved.

  • Take array as math environment instead of tabular in Configure->Latex Environments.

  • Don’t crash if a user changes the icon of a toolbar item. (debian #382317)

  • Allow a few more punctuation in codecompletion of citation keys. (#130148)

  • Remember last working directory in ‘find in files’ dialog. (debian #359932)

  • Tabular wizard should insert all entered elements. (#132736)

  • Only autosave files which have been modified.

  • Delete comma of last bibtex entry if Bibliographie->Clean is called. (#129499)

  • Quick Preview fails if graphics are included in selection (#126019)

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