S.T.E.A.L. related news

As I checked my messages on deviantart this morning, I got some news from Too. Aside some delay in obtaining the actual artwork he did (not his fault, probably some quirk of the postal system) he provided me with a tentative sketch of the cover. It impressed me a great deal, so I already gave out the “green light” for coloring it. Here is the sketch (watermarked, as usual):


Too’s skill is evident.

Work continues on the text, and if I can I will try to publish a new snapshot by tomorrow, or next week. I’m finally getting to the parts I want to write, btu I found that connecting those to the flow of narration requires more work than I thought. Also, I’ve registered the domain stealsaga.net in order to give a proper place to the novel. I’m still unsure how to design and implement it, though.

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