The Black Coffin and merits

I forgot to mention it in the past entries, but my group finally managed to take on the (only) serious fight in the Treasures of Aht Urghan storyline so far. The mission is known as the “Black Coffin” and even if it involves six members it’s not a battlefield (or Burning Circle as they’re also called) but instead is an Assault.

Getting to the spot where the Assault takes place was kind of a tricky because we had a couple of deaths on the way: the area is Caedarva Mire on Dvucca Isle and there are a load of undead (Qutrub) and Imps in the way. I was the first to go down, followed by our ranger. Then we took a while to find the correct entrance to the Arrapago Reef. In the end, I had to leave out one person because there wasn’t enough time available to do a run twice (we were in 7).

The fight itself proved to be pretty fun. We had to fight five Fomors, then followed by another wave of Fomors. No one of us was in real danger save Mercredi, who got hit by Vorpal Blade with Counterstance on (but a quick Cure V saved him). The cutscenes after the fight were pretty interesting, but it’s a shame that we won’t see more story until October at least.

My brother made a movie out of the fight (around 15 minutes long, 90 Mb), it’s available on Google Video.

On a related topic, I’m trying to assemble a static party (me, Eithin, Mercredi, Rezo, Sechs and Billyism) to gain some merit points. Our first run should be on Friday, I’ll be sure to report about it.

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