Dutch weekend

As the title implies, I’ve been over, along with my twin brother to my brother’s house in Leiden last weekend.

It was a fun experience overall. My brother has a very nice apartment in Leiden, big although somewhat empty (but that’s the policy of the organization that gave him the place). Aside being extremely sick on the plane, I arrived more or less in time on Friday night. The following day we had a trip around Amsterdam, which honestly disappointed me somehow: while the streets, the canals, the places look nice, it doesn’t seem that it has a thousand years of history. I’ve been to a museum, but I (sadly) couldn’t go to the Van Gogh Museum. In the night we had a nice dinner but we were too tired to go around, so we opted to watch a film. My brother’s girlfriend had a somewhat biographic one on the explorer Shackleton, made by UK’s Channel 4. While I liked Kenneth Brannagh’s acting, the extremely slow pace (200 minutes long) made me quit in advance and go to bed.

On the following day we went to see the Space Expo, a permanent exhibition near my brother’s work place at ESTEC. And in the evening we went around Leiden, which I find much more interesting than Amsterdam. I left on the following day at 4.50 in the morning.
Overall this has been a pleasant experience, and I look forward to seeing my brother again on October 12th, when he’ll get back to Italy again for a few days.
I took some photos, but I have to wait for my brother to send them to me so I can put it online.

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