Novels! Novels! Novels!

I’m adapting this from the infamous Steve Ballmer quote. This is to introduce the novels I bought recently from (thanks to NRK for placing the order).I have to say first of all that they’re novels that inspired anime series. The first I started reading is Hiroyuki Morioka’s Seikai no Monsho (The banner of the stars):


It’s a nice science fiction novel, slightly reminiscent of Isaac Asimov’s work. I really like the author’s throrough creation of a whole universe, complete with a new language (the Abh).

Next in line is Ichiro Sakaki’s Scrapped Princess:


As I really liked the anime, and owning the first three volumes in Japanese, I was overjoyed when I heard about an English version. This is an illiustrated novel, a format that’s pretty common in Japan. Third novel I bought is Kohei Kadono’s Boogiepop wa warawanai (Boogiepop doesn’t laugh). I loved the anime, so I am happy i got this volume as well (way late due to Seven Seas’ Inc. stupid sales policy):


And last but not least, I have Kino no Tabi (Kino’s Travels), another series I really liked (thanks to the original story but also due to Sadayuki Murai’s excellent screenplay):


Looks like I won’t be getting bored in a long time…

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