Obtained: Gallant surcoat+1.

The title of the post pretty much says it all. I’ve finally been able to obtain this piece of artifact armor+1 after searching for the last item I needed for about five months.

I already had the required 30 ancient beastcoins and the white rivet from Apollyon, but I lacked the snowy cermet from Temenos. Since Heaven’s Inferno imploded, I found myself unable to do anything related to Limbus until my brother joined a Japanese Limbus linkshell, StarBell. I managed to get in as well, and during our last run (Sunday) in Temenos East, we finally found a chest with a chunk of snowy cermet in!


After that I had to rush things, as I needed a square of gold brocade but there were none in at the Auction House. Luckily I managed to find a crafter thanks to a quick talk with a United Dynamis member. Then I just handed everything down to the NPC Sagheera, and waited patiently for the Conquest tally. Here’s the finished result:


The statistics are nice, and include a very interesting VIT+6. I will try this new armor soon, probably on Thursday when I’ll have to help a few people with a mission.

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