Mai-Otome Zwei

Continuing after Mai-Otome, I gave a look to this OAV (first out of four, with the second one coming out in February).

The story is set one year after Mai-Otome, and so far shows only a part of the massive cast. That was to be expected, though, as everything had to be crammed in 30 minutes. The first episode shows at first some Otome attacking an asteroid on collision course with the planet, and Arika shows both her old outfit and the new one shown in the last episodes:


Then afterwards some of the most powerful Otome are put out of commission as something that resembles an Otome appears (whether that is a plot device or not, remains to be seen in the next episodes).


Of course one of the biggest features of the episode is having Arika and Mai fight side by side. I think it was also done because Mai got little screen time during the regular series.


The episode ends with a sort of cliffhanger, with Arika, Mai and the rest being in a rather serious pinch.


What else to say? The animation quality is good, better than already nice level in the series. There are a few hints of fan service (probably because Fuji TV didn’t want that in the TV series) but luckily nothing that distracts the viewer too much. And what about the story? It’s too early to say. I’m still a little doubtful, since there are only four OAVs planned, and unless the story is carefully planned, it will probably end poorly. Nevertheless, I’ll hold my judgment until I see more.

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