Playstation 3

That’s right. Thanks to my brother, now I am an owner of this game console (the North American version), along with the game Resistance: Fall of Man. To be precise, I have the 60 Gb version (essential as I can’t use wired connectivity where it is, just wireless)I haven’t had yet the time to play well with this beast, but I managed to take (poor quality) pictures.

A frontal shot:


Then from the top:


I didn’t know the PS3 used logic controls, here’s the proof showing power and eject buttons:


Last but not least, various means for storage:


And I close this with an image of the SIXAXIS controller, which essentially looks like a Dual Shock but is significantly lighter:


I’ll post more on my “gaming experience” when I have the time to stay and play for more than 10 minutes.

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