Richard M. Stallman is disgusting

No, I’m not talking about his looks. I’m talking about him being morally disgusting. The reason? The fact that he went to Cuba and convinced them to switch to FOSS. You may want to know, why is that a bad thing?

Easy answer: Cuba isn’t a democracy. Think what you want, blame the United States for the embargo how much you like, but you won’t be able to hide the fact that it is a totalitarian, oppressive regime. You can get arrested just by expressing dissent, or by promoting ideas that aren’t what the government wants.

That’s why I think that RMS is a lame hypocrite. He babbles about freedom, but as long as a non-democratic country uses FOSS,  they’re all friends? Aside from the PR blow that this will deal to the FOSS image (hint: not everyone who promotes it is a Communist), I think it shows the mindset of this man.

If I just disliked him before, now I can say I openly despise him. He should go back on doing just software, instead of pushing his own political agenda. How shameful.

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