Deadlines and domains

I just learnt today that the paper I’m writing with my colleague has to be in an acceptable state (almost submission ready) by the 20th. Considering I’m still behind with the analysis, it will be certainly challenging to complete the task, considering I also have other duties to attend to. In primis I need to study more and more papers (I add more and more to my TODO list).

Also, probably next week the new infrastructure for authentication (which includes a Primary Domain Controller for Windows clients) will be put in place and I’ll have to make sure that the data handling for our group will be without problems. So far I have used a simple MS-DOS script to copy over data from the Affymetrix scanner to a network drive, but I’ll need something slightly more sophisticated for the new system (since data will have to be copied in two different places), including email notifications for certain events.

In short, things are getting even **more **hectic than I had previously expected….

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