Treasures of Aht Urghan Missions

On Wednesday 21st I was finally able to undertake the new Treasures of Aht Urghan missions! It felt nice, since I mostly play for merit points and Dynamis now (and occasionally some action in Al’Taieu, though rare and far between).

Our party consisted of myself (Paladin, but I bet you know that by now), Eithin (White Mage), Sechs (Monk), Daman (Black Mage), Necronemesi (Ranger) and Mitsuashi (Red Mage). A balanced group, in short: something rare to see nowadays with the proliferation of “burn” type parties. Surprisingly, everyone was online by the allotted time (21 GMT+1) and so we moved on for the first mission of the two we had to take, “Puppet in Peril.”

It was a Burning Circle type mission (I love those ones) against a Mamool Ja riding a strange creature, Lancelord Gaheel Ja. It didn’t prove to be too difficult in the end (completed in 5 minutes), but it was annoying how that monster picked up its targets regardless of hate. In any case, a movie courtesy of my brother is better than words.


In case you find the quality too low, there’s a higher-quality (60 Mb) version.

The second mission was “Shades of Vengeance”. Basically we had to check a spot in Arrapago Reef, then go back to Dvucca Isle to enter an Assault to search for the royal puppetmaster. Inside the assault there were eight lamiae. Some people said this was harder than the previous mission, but I don’t think so. The lamiae were pitifully weak and did not offer a challenge at all. After that, a long series of cutscenes that were very interesting.

Here’s the second movie in action:


Again, a higher quality version is available.

Now, no more missions until June, probably. A shame since the story is quite good so far. A side note: everyone was perfectly on time. Given some delays I had when doing Chains of Promathia missions, that was a welcome change.

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