Lifeless people

When starting a run in Dynamis-Beaucedine, some person in charge of my brother’s Dynamis linkshell stated that over a whole Dynamis run (approximately four hours) you should not leave or be away. This statement is misguided at best, and personally I found it rather offensive for a series of reasons:

  • Not everyone is in the same timezone: if you have other commitments that force you to stay away for a longer period (such as meals with other people) you should not be blamed for it, after all real life takes serious precedence over gaming;

  • Four hours is a long time. While FFXI tries to keep you online as much as possible, there should be no forced requirement at all. Otherwise you are disrespectful of other people’s lives, which again take precedence over anything that goes in-game.

  • Last but not least, acting bad towards people that take an effort despite the limited time is a sign of short-sightedness and again lack of respect.

AFv2DoesntExist apparently is run by people who ignore those points. Either they are lifeless people (as the title suggests) or they just ignore anything that doesn’t benefit them.

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