Aht Urghan Mission 35 - take 1

Yesterday, at an unusual late hour, I and my group attempted the 35th mission in the Treasures of Aht Urghan line. Preparation was the matter of watching a few (very interesting) cutscenes then we were off to a BC to fight a single enemy, a ninja (the name is a spoiler, so keep on reading only if you know what you are doing).

I can say the fight proved (finally) more challenging than the jokes of the previous missions. However that means that, given we rushed due to time constraints and also to bad luck, that we lost. A single Sweep followed by Mijin Gakure killed off most of our damage dealers, and the Gessho clones did the rest to me and our monk.

However I think I have got a few things to try out in our next attempt. “Kite or you’re a loser” type strategy doesn’t fit my tastes, so that’s what I’m planning to do:

  1. Silence Gessho at the start with Elemental Seal + Silence, as Hojo and Jubaku did immense harm to me;

  2. Bring one or two Yagudo Drinks, the red mage usually takes the clones off me so Refresh isn’t always available;

  3. Stun every 45 seconds to reduce the use of TP moves;

  4. After Mijin Gakure, Chainspell Stun followed by Invincible, Hundred Fists and Eagle Eye Shot. That will probably kill him off fast enough.

I’ll be retrying on Wednesday or Friday, with an additional run for members that aren’t able to make it. I’ll post an update then.

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