New details on WoTG

The FFXI Encyclopedia has an interview with the Final Fantasy XI developers with regards to the upcoming expansion, Wings of the Goddess. Skimming through the lines, they give a lot of hints but no definitive answers. Sadly, there will be no barriers for missions, and no one asked about their length: Treasures of Aht Urghan had very short missions, often ridicolously easy, so I’d like a better challenge this time.

Among the other things mentioned, new jobs (I wonder if the usual people will start already complaining about “they suck for endgame! Boo hoo!”), a global adjustment of all the other classes (I’m hoping on an adjustment of Ninja as a subjob, probably the most abused subjob ever) and eve a hint on Tanaka’s new MMORPG, which is apparently still top secret.

Also, there was an annoucement of another fan festival: I wouldn’t mind going this time, providing I find the money.

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