Saber Revoltech figure

I’m back from holidays, and when I got back I found the Saber Revoltech figure I had preordered in May (!) in the mail. This is the package when I pulled it out from the box it came in (apologies for the image quality, I only had my mobile phone to take it):

Box of the figure

According to the description, Revoltech is a system which uses joints of various nature to enable movement of the various parts of the figure. This theoretically enables the user to set nice and dynamic poses with relative ease. So, I proceeded to open the box:

The box is open

Inside we have Saber from Fate/stay Night (well, obviously) in her Servant armor. Along with that there is her sword, which actually comes in two flavors, the visible and the transparent one.

I spent a bit figuring out how the joints worked and all, because getting a decent pose that would not fall is not easy as it seems. Thankfully, I managed to get this, and I put this figure over my desk:

Saber and two swords

I’m quite happy with the quality of the parts, despite being 100% plastic. Definitely a good buy.

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