Final Fantasy XI windowed mode

And so, with yesterday’s update, FFXI has gained a windowed mode. This has been a much-requested feature from the playerbase, especially from people who didn’t want to use the “unofficial” windower.

However, being the first major touch to the rendering engine, I think something got broken along the way. Mainly, I’m talking about a 20% performance drop of the engine (which didn’t shine before, but that’s another matter).

My tests have been done on two computers:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo 6600, 1 Gb RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 7950GTX: a huge performance drop, which was strongly reduced by updating the video drivers. Now it’s about 10% slower than pre-windowed mode adjustments;

  • AMD Thunderbird 2100+, NVIDIA  Ge Force 6600,  1  Gb RAM:  a performance increase, at least 10% more.

So what  is to be gathered from this? By updating the codebase, which is stale and rather old, the developer team has probably broken something along the way. I expect a fix very soon, though.

Aside that, I like the new windowed mode. When the window goes out of focus, music stops, which is rather good when you’re idling in Aht Urghan Whitegate (especially if you’re looking for party the music can really get on your nerves).  Even with the issues, I would prefer it to the “unofficial” windower for a series of reasons, mainly because the developers inject code into the POL.exe executable and they won’t release the source.

This poses a security risk, since you don’t really know what the unofficial windower is doing. Add the fact that one of the people in the windower team , and you have very good reasons for not using it.

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