The title says it all. After all these years, I was finally able to get my Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine this morning, with my thesis “Identification of disregulated metabolic pathways by transcriptomic analysis in renal carcinoma samples” (yes, that’s a long title). The defense was a success and I admit I was surprised when the commitee actually expressed a significant interest in my work.

In any case, I’m happy that it’s over, as the past period has been rather hectic. No time to rest now as I’ve got papers to write and more analyses to do!

And in related news, a recent paper in which I did part of the analysis work is finally out, published in Molecular Cancer. The title is “Genome-wide screening of copy number alterations and LOH events in renal cell carcinomas and integration with gene expression profile” and you can find the provisional PDF on their web page. It’s Open Access, which is definitely a plus.

Today is definitely a nice day from a scientific point of view.

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