I'm back

Sadly (for me) I’m back from the holidays. For those of you who wondered why the updates on Japan stopped: when I got back to Tokyo I didn’t have an Internet connection, so I had no means to update. The whole holiday was a blast, though, and we’re considering getting back in two years.

Aside from that, work has picked up a really fast pace immediately (why on Earth journals don’t accept LaTeX-produced PDFs?) and I expect a round of meetings and planning to start soon to plan the next three months. I had a poster accepted at the ECCB 2008 conference, but the steep fees (1200 euro for flight, registration and lodging) made me reconsider. Better luck next time, I guess.

On other fronts, I read that FFXI can run on WINE now. I’ll be sure to try it once I finish preparing my new PC (I’ll write about it soon).

That’s all for now.

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