Japan - Day 5

It’s been a hot day here in Kyoto. And I don’t mean lame second meanings, just that the temperature was really over the top. As a consequence, we changed our plans: we were supposed to visit the so-called “path of the philosophy” but instead we set for Nijo Castle. Nijo Castle was the Kyoto residence of Ieyasu Tokugawa (I suspect to tell the emperor who was the real person in power) and it can be visited. The palace and its surroundings are truly magnificient.

After that we stopped for lunch in the Kyoto Station, a rather controversial piece of architecture built in the ninieties of the last century. I can say it’s huge, and filled with stores and even a hotel(!).

In the afternoon, we went gain for shopping, targeting the local Animate, Gamers, and Melon Books stores. My brother snatched up a non-H, FFXI-related dojinshi from Melonbooks, and I grabbed a limited edition of Aquaplus’s latest PS3 title, Tears to Tiara _(photos coming up tomorrow). Tomorrow, we’ll be (weather permitting) heading for Nara to view the Todaiji Temple. That will be our last day in the Kansai region, as the day after that we’ll return to Tokyo via _shinkansen. New photos have been uploaded to the gallery, of course.

By the way, I managed to view Slayers Revolution last night on TV Tokyo, and here is the obligatory photo:


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