DataMatrix 0.5

At last, since it’s been like ages, I decided to put out a new version of DataMatrix. For those who haven’t seen my previous post, DataMatrix is a Pythonic implementation of R’s data.frame. It enables you to manipulate a text file by columns or rows, to your liking, using a dictionary-like syntax.

In this new version there have been a few improvements and correction to a couple bugs (for example saveMatrix did not really save) and the start (only a stub at the moment) of an append function to add more columns (I’ll also think about a function to add rows).

DataMatrix is licensed under the GNU GPL, version 2 only. You can download the installer (Windows) or the source distribution (Linux and other *nixes). The only requirement is Python 2.5 or later installed on your system.

The README currently is a stub, but you can browse the pydoc generated documentation, which details how to instantiate and use DataMatrix objects (or you can turn to my older post).

Also, since git is the new “cool feature of the day”, DataMatrix is is hosted on github’s repository, and you can grab the source with

git clone git://

Comments and suggestions are welcome. I’ll be putting a static page on DataMatrix tomorrow, if time permits.

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