New PC, at last

All right, it didn’t quite turn out as I had expected. This post wasn’t “soon”as I predicted originally. The reason? The fact that the video card I bought died after three days of usage, and getting a replacement took a while. Finally though, I have a functional system. It’s a Core 2 Duo CPU (7200) with 2 Gb of RAM and an ATI Radeon 3870 HD video card.

I installed Linux on it, of course, but instead of Kubuntu I gave openSUSE a try. It’s quite polished, although I had to go through some hoops to enable font hinting, especially in Firefox (not that I use that browser a lot, but I still need it for some things). I’ll be keeping Kubuntu on the Eee, as there’s a larger community for customization.

With this PC, I can do a few things, such as trying out FFXI on WINE and also try out some web application using the Django framework.

By the way, if you have seen some downtime in this blog it’s due to the absolutely awful Wordpress upgrades I attempted, and mostly Wordpress’s fault anyway.

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