I love poison

No, it’s not_ _a teen-like “I hate my life, I’m going to die tomorrow” post. I’m actually referring to the comments of a person nicknamed “I Love” that are popping up in almost all blogs that are linked to PlanetKDE which deal with Plasma or KDE4 adoption. The name “I Love” contrasts with an attitude that is unconstructive and rather trollish. This wouldn’t be such a big problem, if not for the fact that posts from said individual have had a rather negative effect: for example Aaron was forced to turn comment moderation on on his blog, Jos’ entry on the new Plasma in the upcoming KDE 4.3 was the theatre of a flame-fest in the comments, and now I’ve seen poisonous comments also on Nookie’s and Socceroos’ blogs.

Clearly this person hasn’t read the KDE Code of Conduct… and I bet he/she’s not very interested in that, either. I would recommend blog authors and commenters to just “let slide” what this person say, and go on with the discussion, since it’s too much of a hassle (for very little gain) to act pre-emptively.

To I Love: try to express your opinion in a form that is compatible with civil discussion, instead of going on a rampage. That is, assuming that you _are _actually interested in a civil discussion…