Amarok 2.1 beta in openSUSE

Currently, the openSUSE Build Service contains Amarok 2.1 beta packages only for the KDE:KDE4:UNSTABLE repository (i.e. current trunk, soon-to-be 4.3). However, a quick search identified a repository that contains a RPM of current 2.0.90 compiled for the KDE:KDE4:Factory Desktop (which will change to 4.3 with Beta 1) and another one for the KDE:42 repository. So you can add them using YaST or zypper and download the relevant package. I had to force a repository using zypper, otherwise zypper would complain and try to install amarok 1.4 from Packman…

Disclaimer: _I’m **not **affiliated in any way to openSUSE, nor did I make these packages. _Use them at your own risk. Also if you find bugs, report them on so that the developers can fix them.

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