DataMatrix 0.8 is finally out

At last, after months of inactivity, I pushed out a new release of DataMatrix. Although the version bump is small (0.8) there are a lot of changes since last releases. The most notable include:

  • Ability to apply functions to elements of the matrix
  • Ability to filter rows by column contents
  • Ability to transpose rows with columns
  • An option to load text files produced by R (which are, by design, broken)
  • Removed the getter for columns, using dictionary-like syntax directly
  • A lot of bug fixes

The download links on the project page have been updated, along with the documentation. Also, there is another change, because from now on the official Git repository is hosted on, and no longer on github, because gitorious (the software) is also free, while’s is not. It’s mainly a philosophical issue (the same that prompted me to switch from twitter to

Also, from today DataMatrix is also officially hosted on the Python Package Index (with the name “datamatrix”), meaning that you can use easy_install to quickly install it.

If you use this module, let me know what you think (including bugs, if you find them).

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