KDE Community Forums present the new KDE Brainstorm

The KDE Brainstorm, where users can post and vote for feature requests for KDE, is the most visited area of the KDE Community Forums. In an effort to improve the experience of both users and developers, the KDE Community Forums staff is proud to present a brand new version of the KDE Brainstorm.


The new interface resembles the IdeaTorrent sites, but it is still powered by the forum software (phpBB), a clear example of the flexibility of the platform. Posting new ideas, voting, commenting and filtering the lists is now extremely easy and requires just a few mouse clicks.

For those who have Javascript-enabled browsers, the KDE Brainstorm sports a complete AJAX interface. In case Javascript is not available, the interface gracefully degrades to a non-AJAX version, making it useful even for people who do not want to run Javascript in their browsers.

Aside from the new looks, the KDE Brainstorm keeps its strong foundations: the Idea Moderators, whose hard work is essential to pre-screen and approve the ideas, the KDE Community Forums staff to keep the system up and runing, and of course the KDE community.

Check out the new Brainstorm, and let us know what you think!

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