After a hiatus, Klassrooms continue!

Do you like KDE? Did you ever find yourself in a position of wanting to help, but you didn’t know what to do, or who to talk to? Do you feel you could use help to get started?

Today, the KDE Community Forums would like to provide the opportunity to answer those questions by annoucing the continuation of the tutorial courses known as Klassrooms.

What are Klassrooms?

Klassrooms are tutorial “lessons” held in a specific area of the forum. Held by one or more “mentors”, they are focused in guiding people through helping KDE by tackling a particular problem. Examples of such problems include:

  • Fixing simple bugs in an application
  • Taking junior jobs in a specific project
  • Helping with documentation
  • Promotion work (for example, screencasts)
  • Helping with translations

As you can see, Klassrooms are not limited to coding at all.

Usually the sessions last from one to two weeks, with a maximum of 5 “students” participating. The work is coordinated in a specific area of the forum.

Public call for mentors

The key to hold Klassrooms is having mentors. Their role is to present the problem and guide students through the course. Compared to a live session, using the forum requires less time, and both the students and the mentor can set their most convenient schedule.

That is why _we need you! _You don’t need to be a developer: non-coding courses are as welcome as coding ones. How do you become a mentor? These guidelines explain everything that is needed to apply.

If you feel like helping, this is the perfect opportunity. Let us know!

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