Want to make KDE Brainstorm more useful?

The recent post by Dario on the KDE Workspace Vision raised some concerns on why Brainstorm was not used. One commenter even said _Right now it feels like “Throw an idea over a wall for no-one but end users to discuss until it bitrot’s”. _


The Brainstorm section is indeed in need of help. To make it more useful, a couple of things are needed:

  • Statistics to evaluate which ideas are best representative: it can’t be just the number of votes per se as there are things like confirmation bias or controversies that may inflate the numbers
  • Integration with Bugzilla: a way to automatically (using XML-RPC) send the ideas flagged as representative to a bug report filed under “wishlist”.
    As it stands, the current forum team has not the time to carry out these tasks. But perhaps someone from the community can. If you thought you could not contribute because KDE was all about C++ and not about web languages, this is your chance to contribute: if you have PHP /HTML/web knowledge and want to help, hop on the #kde-www IRC channel and we’ll be happy to help you.

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