Of Brainstorm, ideas and seeking help

Many of you know that KDE Brainstorm ideas aren’t posted straight away: they are always pre-screened to avoid repetitions, features that cannot be implemented technically, violations of the Code of Conduct, and so on. This is possible thanks to the work of the Idea Moderators, that patrol Brainstorm and evaluate the new ideas being posted.

Recently, a few of them got too busy and thus we’re experiencing a backlog of ideas staying in the Vault (the staging area for evaluation) for longer times than usual. The existing staff is already quite busy, so despite the efforts some deficencies still remain.

Of course, there is a solution: **more **Idea Moderators. And that’s where you can step in. It’s not a particularly difficult task, you have to read the new ideas being posted and see if they comply with the requirements and the Brainstorm rules, and flag them appropriately (approved, won’t fix, duplicate…). It’s kind of a triager’s job, only with wishlists. Knowledge of what’s going on in the KDE community (e.g., reading the Planet) helps, but it’s not required.

It’s a task that doesn’t require any kind of coding and not a lot of time, just dedication. If you are interested, leave a PM on the forum to the administrators (me, neverendingo, bcooksley and Hans) or ask on IRC (#kde-www).

Speaking of Brainstorm, I and Hans have decided to categorize the current ideas, to see which ones are most sought. Counting votes and what not has issues due to size bias, so in the end we settled for reddit’s algorithm. Ben Cooksley was kind enough to point me to the queries I needed to run on the database to grab the information. Without much ado, here’s the top ten list (after weeding out invalid, duplicates, etc.):

  1. Plasmoid Calendar: Calendar events view and edit
  2. Improve consistency in System Settings
  3. KDE Theme Editor
  4. KMail notification popup should be more informational
  5. Improve KDE Help Center
  6. Jabber video support
  7. External subtitles support in KMPlayer or Dragon Player
  8. File Emblems
  9. Synchronizations of settings between two KDE4 installation
  10. Save/Restore desktop settings

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