KDE in openSUSE: repository and maintainership changes!

Summer is ending soon (at least for those living in the northern hemisphere) and while usually cleaning is done during spring, the KDE team decided to do what I’d call… autumn cleaning of repositories.

You may know that the KDE presence in openSUSE, aside being the default desktop, is quite a long one. In the past years different repositories were created by the members of the openSUSE KDE team (at the time mostly made up by KDE people hired by Novell) in order to review and test packages, like newer Qt versions, KDE software, and so on. Fast forward to the present: nowadays the members of the KDE team are almost completely from the openSUSE community, and quite a number of changes went by the repositories as well. For example, newer releases of KDE software are submitted as maintenance updates for the latest available version of the distribution, and there are the KDE:Release:xy repositories for those who want the latest and greatest KDE software.

That also meant that a lot of repositories were unused, and were left bitrotting (and consuming the OBS’s precious build power). But no more! Recently, thanks to the input from Raymond (tittiatcoke on IRC), a rather large cleaning of repositories is taking place.

The following repositories are going to be deleted:

  • KDE:Qt45

  • KDE:Qt46

  • KDE:Qt47

  • KDE:Qt:Stable

  • KDE:Netbook

  • KDE:Qt50

In the (unlikely) case you are using them, you should remove them ASAP.

This repository instead will be **moved **(thanks kdepepo for reminding me):

  • KDE:Frameworks → KDE:Unstable:Frameworks

As with repository cleaning, there was also a reorganization of the maintainership, because a number of former maintainers had moved on. In practice this will mean that notifications and reports will get to the right people instead of just clogging the mailboxes of unrelated people. ;) Of course, the present KDE team stands on the shoulders of giants, and is extremely thankful for the work done by those people in the past.

That’s all, now we’re back to our regularly scheduled programs.

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