Plasma 5.2 for openSUSE? You bet!

Plasma 5.2 for openSUSE? You bet!

The ever-amazing Plasma team from KDEjust put out a new release of Plasma. I won’t spend much describing how big of an improvement it is - the release announcement at KDE has all the details needed to whet your appetite.

And of course, now it’s the turn of distributions to get out packages for the users at large.

This is also the case for openSUSE. The KDE:Frameworks5 repository hosts the new 5.2 goodness for released distributions (13.1 and 13.2) and Tumbleweed. Packages have also been submitted to Tumbleweed proper (pending legal review, so it will take some time).

Don’t forget the rule of thumb, in case you find problems: bugs in the packages should be directed towards the openSUSE bugzilla, while issues in the actual software should be reported to KDE. You can also discuss your experience on the KDE Community Forums.

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