Danbooru Client 0.2.0 released

After my previous post, development went quicker than expected, so I’ve actually managed to get a real version out. ;) So without much ado… here’s Danbooru Client 0.2.0!

This redesigned C++ version brings a few more features compared to  the PyKDE4 version, notably:

  • Infinite scrolling (experimental) - Just scroll down to load the next set of posts
  • QML-based thumbnail view

Click on the image below to have a demonstration of what’s in this release (warning: 2M GIF file):


Currently, there is only a source tarball.  For security, I have signed it with my public GPG key (6E1A4E79) and I have also provided a SHA-512 hash of the release.

Building and installing

Complete instructions are in the README.  You will need KDE Frameworks 5.7 and Qt 5.4.

Known issues

  • The loading animation needs to be made prettier
  • Only the first set of pools are downloaded
  • Double clicking on an image does nothing (what should it do? let me know)
  • No batch downloading (pretty hard to do with QML; I’ll try to figure out if it can be done)
  • No tooltips for buttons (an oversight - will be fixed in the next release)

Give it a spin, and let me know what you think!

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