Danbooru Client 0.3.0

Following up on yesterday’s release, I’ve released Danbooru Client 0.3.0.

This early new release is mostly due to the fact that the QML view file wasn’t installed (sorry!) so part of the UI would not even load (or even crash).

That said, I’ve managed to get some extra features in:

  • Fade-in/out animation when posts are being downloaded
  • Support for tagging is back (EXPERIMENTAL): it is optional, and requires KFileMetaData (not yet a framework, but should be distributed with Plasma 5).

Release details

Currently, there is only a source tarball.  For security, I have signed it with my public GPG key (6E1A4E79) and I have also provided a SHA-512 hash of the release.

Complete build  instructions are in the README.

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