Danbooru Client 0.4.0

Taking advantage of the holidays, I’ve managed to land a number of fixes in Danbooru Client, and therefore I think it’s time for a new version, 0.4.0!

What is Danbooru Client?

Danbooru Client is an application to access Danbooru-based image boards (Wikipedia definition). It offers a convenient, KF5 and Qt5-based GUI coupled with a QML image view to browse, view, and download images hosted in two of the most famous Danbooru boards (konachan.com and yande.re).

Highglights of the new version

  • Show enlarged images when clicking them in the QML view;
  • Show a message if no posts are found when searching;
  • Allow empty searches (searches all posts);
  • Use categorized logging for messages;
  • Allow getting pool pages.

Release details

Currently, there is only a source tarball. For security, I have signed it with my public GPG key (A29D259B) and I have also provided a SHA-512 hash of the release.

Dialogue & Discussion