KDE Applications 15.08 RC for openSUSE

KDE has recently released the newest Release Candidate of the Applications 15.08 release. Among the new features and changes of this release, there is a technology preview of the new KF5-based KDE PIM suite (including reworked, faster Akonadi internals), new applications ported to KF5 (the most notable ones being Dolphin and Ark). After some consideration and thinking on how to allow users to test this release without affecting their setups too much, the openSUSE community KDE team is happy to bring this latest RC to openSUSE Tumbleweed and openSUSE 13.21.

To install this new release, add the KDE:Applications repository either using YaST or zypper. One special mention is the PIM suite: as upstream KDE labels it as a technology preview, we decided to allow installation only with an explicit choice of the user. To do so, one should install the kmail5 package and the akonadi-server package (other components of the PIM suite are also there, with the 5 suffix): this operation will uninstall the 4.14 packages (but not remove any local data) and install the new version of mail and PIM. To go back, install akonadi-runtime and the respective packages without the 5 suffix (e.g., kmail, korganizer).

It is essential for upstream KDE to have proper bug reports, in particular for PIM, so please report any issues you find. If instead you find a bug in the packaging, turn over to openSUSE’s Bugzilla.

  1. Not all packages are available on openSUSE 13.2 due to the version of KF5 and extra-cmake-modules that is shipped there. 


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