Danbooru Client 0.5.0 released

A new version of Danbooru Client is now available!

What is Danbooru Client?

Danbooru Client is an application to access Danbooru-based image boards (Wikipedia definition).

It offers a convenient, KF5 and Qt5-based GUI coupled with a QML image view to browse, view, and download images hosted in two of the most famous Danbooru boards (konachan.com and yande.re).

Highglights of the new version

  • The image window is shown again with recent Qt and KF5 versions;
  • Remember the last directory saved when saving images;
  • Remove (hopefully) hang when saving images.

Coming up next

I’ve been told there are issues with HiDPI screens, so I’ll try to fix them up next (no guarantees on ETA… also I don’t own any HiDPI screens). Adding support for copying links to images would also be nicec.

Release details

Currently, there is only a source tarball. For security, I have signed it with my public GPG key (A29D259B) and I have also provided a SHA-512 hash of the release.

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