New books

I recently got myself a couple of new books, thanks to the folks at Archonia:

Sakura Taisen V Original & Format Collection

This is the first one, Sakura Taisen V Original & Format Collection. It’s like a very detailed encyclopedia on the game, including character profiles, sketches, interviews with the staff and the voice actors. It’s quite a thick book: I may think about scanning something in the future, but I’m not sure now. It’s nice to have such an addition in my collection, considering that books in Italy are impossible to find.

T2 Works - Sora no iro, Mizu no iro

T2 is a well known artist so I got it… too bad I didn’t know it was full of H content, even though I have it filtered when browsing Archonia. I’ll send them a mail about it. Nice art, but mostly unviewable (almost vomit-inducing in my case).

Dialogue & Discussion