Of life and pets

Well, it mostly seems that my cat has reached the end of its life. It’s being slowly consumed (apparently it’s not absorbing much of the food it eats) and it’s way too weak to keep on. Rather than seeing it dying of starvation, we asked the vet to end its life (on Friday, probably).

It’s odd… I’ve seen a lot of animals die, many by my own hands (due to my past work - I’ve sworn never to do that again), but when it comes to my pet I can’t help being sad about it. I guess I grew attached to it, even if it was “just” a pet. Friday is going to be tough somehow on this aspect, everyone in the family is feeling sad to some extent. I hope I won’t see it in its last moments.

Update: At 1.00 GMT+1, it passed away because of a respiratory crisis, even before the vet (called urgently on the phone) could come. I’ll just add its photo here… taken years ago before this mess even started.

general/pucci 028.jpg

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