All-in-one entry

First of all, the strangest oddity ever. On Friday once at the laboratory I was contacted by an Affymetrix representative regarding this entry . She wanted to know why I wrote it and that it seemed that I “didn’t contact Affymetrix to see if the problem could be solved”. She wasn’t offended or anything (she will even get me in touch with someone from the software department), but nevertheless this is my blog and I’m entitled to my personal opinions. Hence, any IP from affymetrix com (and its European branch is now banned from accessing this page.

On unrelated topics, my brother finished assembling his mini-ITX router/server today. No OS installed yet, but I found a nice Ubuntu Linux installation image to be run from an USB stick. I backed up things from the current server/router and once we have time we’ll try installing Ubuntu again.

Tonight online I have a Gration run with Heaven’s Inferno. That giant is really tough and I predict multiple deaths (just as we wiped embarassingly against Seiryu yesterday). I hope to finish before going to bed, so I can watch the latest episode of Fate/stay night (really nice series so far!).


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